Daily Self-healing and Manifestation Prayer

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Daily Self-Healing and Manifestation Prayer



To understand the way this model prayer has been created and the way it works, it is important to have read the book “Revelations: Transformational Wisdom Revealed” and to have done the exercises in “Self-Revelations: Transformational Guide” as preparation to experience the outcomes chosen. 

It is important to allow your mind to go through the process of understanding the wisdom presented in “Revelations: Transformational Wisdom Revealed” and the transformational journey of “Self-Revelations: Transformational Guide”.

The mind does not accept shortcuts, it needs to understand and accept what makes sense to you.  By reading the books, the resistance to change will minimize from what was thought to be to what it is. Growing in confidence and certainty to be able to experience choices. 

It is a lifestyle to be conscious of what the movie of your life is showing you and react with the Daily Self-Healing and Manifestation Prayer to change the harming present realities to pleasant ones.

As you do the Daily Self-Healing and Manifestation Prayer, you will start to see in your life movie the manifestation of your choices in a magical way.

Besides the Daily Self-Healing and Manifestation Prayer, it is useful to listen to “Living in Wisdom” and the “Daily prayer” to help you to stay focused and grow in certainty and confidence in the path of wisdom. 

In this prayer you can include:

  • What your dreams were showing you the night before, even though you did not understand what they were all about,
  • The present situation,
  • Ask for clarity,
  • To manifest a choice or to follow up on those that are on the way,
  • To talk to Divinity,

And anything that your heart wants to communicate and pray to receive.

This time of meditation is where the individual is in the state of peace, harmony and happiness. It is the moment to be centered, allowing to be aligned with your path of wisdom.