Living in Wisdom

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Living in Wisdom



To fully understand the concept of “Living in Wisdom” and how it operates, it is important to have read the book “Revelations: Transformational Wisdom Revealed” and completed the exercises in “Self-Revelations: Transformational Guide” as a preparation to experience the chosen outcomes.

Understanding and Acceptance:

It is crucial to allow your mind to undergo the process of comprehending the wisdom presented in “Revelations: Transformational Wisdom Revealed” and embark on the transformative journey outlined in “Self-Revelations: Transformational Guide”.

The mind needs to continually immerse itself in the ways of wisdom. “Living in Wisdom” will assist you in facing the challenges of each day. It prepares your mind to make choices, take action, and seek assistance as the day unfolds.

A Lifestyle of Consciousness:

Living in Wisdom is not just a temporary practice; it is a lifestyle. It involves being aware of your own accountability and having a deep understanding of the ways of wisdom, so that everything you choose to manifest in your life movie actually takes place.

As you listen to “Living in Wisdom” every day, it gradually becomes ingrained in your daily behavior as you confront the challenges of the day. Over time, it becomes seamless, effortless, and a joyful way to live life.

Transformation and Impact:

Eventually, those around you will notice a profound change in you—a version of yourself that radiates light and makes a difference on Earth. Your family, friends, and others will benefit as you lead them by example, showing them how to live life in wisdom.

Supplementary Audios:

In addition to “Living in Wisdom”, it is beneficial to listen to the “Daily Prayer” and engage in the “Self-Healing and Manifestation Prayer.” These will help you stay focused, deepen your certainty, and grow in confidence along the path of wisdom.

The Sacred Moment:

This time of meditation is where you enter a state of peace, harmony, and happiness. It is a moment to center yourself and align with your chosen path of wisdom. During this sacred moment, you establish a profound connection with your inner self and the Divine, allowing for guidance, healing, and manifestation to unfold.

It is a moment of unity between yourself and the Divine, where you merge in Oneness.