Living in Wisdom

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Living in Wisdom



To understand the way Living in Wisdom has been created and the way it works, it is important to have read the book “Revelations: Transformational Wisdom Revealed” and to have done the exercises in “Self-Revelations: Transformational Guide” as preparation to experience the outcomes chosen.

It is important to allow your mind to go through the process of understanding the wisdom presented in “Revelations: Transformational Wisdom Revealed” and the transformational journey of “Self-Revelations: Transformational Guide”.

The mind needs to be constantly asserted with the ways of wisdom. Living in Wisdom will assist you with the day to be able to confront its challenges. It sets the mind to choose, act and ask for assistance as the day goes on.

Living in Wisdom is a lifestyle, it is about being conscious of self-accountability and having the awareness of the ways of wisdom, so everything that has been chosen to manifest and to come through in the life movie, takes place.

As you listen to it everyday, it will eventually becomes as your daily behavior to confront the challenges of the day. After a time, it is seamless, effortless, and a joyful way to live life. 

Eventually, those around you will see a different you, the light version of you, making a difference on Earth.

Your family, friends and others will benefit as you lead them by example of living life in wisdom.

Besides Living in Wisdom, it is useful to listen to the “Daily prayer” and the “Self-healing and Manifestation Prayer” to help you to stay focused and grow in certainty and confidence in the path of wisdom. 

This time of meditation is where the individual is in a state of peace, harmony and happiness. It is the moment to be centered, allowing to be aligned with your path of wisdom.

It is the moment of you and Divinity in Oneness.